Sand Art

Making stories that reflects our experiences as african people

Solomon Mugutso is A Johannesburg based Zimbabwean born artist. 

In his childhood, Solomon would sketch out the unique features of those he saw in the street. Today his preferred medium is sand. Mugutso collects soil from the different places he visits and unites them in a single portrait piece - one face that symbolises many. His works represent the collective consciousness of people from separate areas.

Mugutso has exhibited in his native Zimbabwe, South Africa where he is based and even across the seas in Sweden.

In 2007 he had his first solo exhibition at the Netherlands embassy in Pretoria. In 2019, he was the most recommended Artist at the Rosebank Rotary Arts Festival. Covering a range of issues through his work, such as marginalisation and gender-based violence, Mugutso interlinks a diversity of viewers through the emotions conhured in his pieces. Focusing his extraordinary art on relaying messages of HOPE and Unity, entertwined realities and the interconnectedness of life as a whole, he prioritizes African stories and naunces through his rich creations.

Solomon Mugutso is one of the most sought after artists with work hanging in various prestigious corporate, Royal residence and private collector's homes

"Art has given me a place in this world," he says. Through individual expression, he's creating universal connection.

Mugutso is also a committed art teacher who offers free art classes to aspiring artists who are from disadvantaged backgrounds.


"The value of art is not only determined by skill and originality but the contributions the artist makes in the society."

Solomon Mugutso
- The Artist

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